Thin-Film Deposition Projects
Present Projects
  • IBO won Phase II SBIR “Radiation-Resistant Coatings for Solar Cell Cover Glasses Deposited by Advanced Coating Technology.” The work is being done at Thin Film Technology
  • IBO continues to provide consulting services to a number of companies globally.
  • Michael Fulton is publishing additional papers on Space Coatings and Solar Space Power application


Sustainable Energy Project
  • Michael Fulton is developing space power concentrator technology into the terrestrial environment.

  • Michael has made two trips to Singapore in the last three years to reestablish his connections in South East Asia for advancing sustainable technologies

ENTECH Terrestial Solar Array: Four 25 kW Solar Rows

Past Projects

  • Ion Beam Optics Inc. was formed in 2003:

    • Set up the advanced IR coating facility at Thin Film Technology Inc.

    • Developed the coatings for Boeing advanced development programs

    • Won Phase I SBIR for AFRL “Radiation-Resistant Coatings for Solar Cell Cover Glasses Deposited by Advanced Coating Technology”

    • Developed the UV Blocking Filter on DC93-500 silicone for ENTECH’s concentrator arrays for space power applications

    • Authored papers on technology for depositing coatings in Space

  • In 2000 Michael Fulton joined the Rockwell Science Center:

    • Instrumental in the development of the Laser Eye Protection technology for AFRL.

    • Designed and produced the coatings for the hyper-spectral filter for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

  • Michael Fulton returned to the USA from Singapore in 1997, joining ZC&R Coatings for Optics:

    • He designed and built the worlds first Ion-Assisted Filtered Cathodic Arc Deposition (IFCAD) for optical applications

    • Michael introduced the High Output IAD from Commonwealth Scientific (now Veeco) into production

    • Michael was contacted by NASA regarding the coating of the windows for the International Space Station. He designed the coatings and setup the manufacturing--the job was completed in 2002.


ION Beam Optics Inc.
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